Apple Makes Partnership with Intel

For years Apple computers has been pushing their own processors and operating systems but it seems the tides are turning. Apple recently announced their new range of desktops and notebooks sporting dual core Intel processors.

This is an interesting move on both the part of Intel and Apple. Apple has made a deal with the devil so to speak by opting to use the Intel dual core processors. For years they have been fighting it but it seems they have finally given in.

Whats more interesting is the fact that Intel are putting their dual core processors into the macs. This is to me is a sign of desperation on Intels part. For years they have been dominating the processor market with little threat from the other major processor manufacturer AMD. But recently, with their 64 bit dual core and server processors, AMD has been clawing back the market. With big players like DELL and HP starting to offer Opteron process made by AMD its no wonder Intel feels threatened.

The new Apple computers will even be able to run Windows operating systems which further monopolizes the market for Microsoft. The macs are using the Pentium D dual core processors which were released a while after AMD released their dual core range. This jump AMD has on Intel is proving costly for them in terms of processor sales.

Who knows what the future will bring for this new partnership. Apple supporting Intel processors would not have even crossed my mind a year ago but here we are. Although the Intel dual core processors are a lot cheaper than the AMD dual core offerings, AMD sales still seem to be soaring while Intel processor sales are on a steady decline. If Intel doesnt step up the game soon they will be where AMD was 3 years ago.

GPRS setting on Vodafone for windows mobile phone

Vodafone charges alot for GPRS connection on the windows mobile phone as the standard GPRS plan doesnt work on WM phoneso here are the setting which you all could try and not pay those people 2K grans per month to use GPRS however you would be charged the normal download charges

1. Goto Start>Settings>Connections. Click Connections. Goto Advance tab.

2. Just below the first dropdownlist are two buttons : Edit and New Choose New (Please make sure you choose the buttons below first dropdown list and not the second one.

3.On the General Tab, Enter a name such as Vodafone GPRS Settings.

4. On the Modem tab, click New. Enter a name for example, GPRS. In the “Select a Modem” dropdown, select “Cellular Line(GPRS)”. Click Next

5. In the Access Point Name enter portalnmms (case sensitive, in lowercase only).

6. On the next screen, just click finish.

7. Now back to the previous screen, you should have your new modem in the list, Proceed to Proxy Settings. Here tick the checkbox “This network connects to the internet” and “This network uses a proxy server to connect to the internet”. Both should be checked.

8. In “Proxy Server” textbox, enter

9. Now Click the Advance Button. The window that opens will have 4 settings in the listbox : HTTP, WAP, Secure WAP, and Socks

Click one by one on each of these and enter this info:
Server :
Port : 9201

rest all fields blank

Enter the same in every settings, ie. HTTP, WAP, Secure WAP and Socks.

10. When done, click OK twice to return to the Advance tab of Connections.
Now click Select Networks again and in the first list box select your newly created connection. In the second listbox select “My Work Connection”.

11. Click OK and restart your device.

It may take a while after restarting for GPRS/EDGE to become active so try again and again in 5 miutes interval. It should be up and running in 5-10 minutes.

Free church management software – is it worth trying?

Use Free Church Management Software – to save you time in the office

Are you looking for church management software that fits your ministry and your pocket? Would you like to try out the latest applications but don’t want to commit yourself?

Whether you’re looking a solution for a small church with just a few members or a sophisticated solution for a church with hundreds of members, there will be a software solution to match your needs.

Before you start surfing the net looking for a solution, consider what exactly you are looking for. Do you need it primarily to manage your accounting function, are you looking for something that will create your church website, or maybe you just want something to manage the task of creating your church directory (groan!). Make a list of the essential and desirables that you are looking for first.

Free Church Software

Many of the most reputable companies providing church management software solutions offer a free trial to enable you to try their system for yourself. This is an ideal way to try out, without risk, the latest softwares that may offer the solution that you have been seeking.

Traditional uses of church software include management of financial and accounting functions.

It is now possible to find software that will manage your membership, create a church calendar, keep records of donations, manage your church library, publish your church bulletin, update your church directory, integrate church music, worship songs and data projection.

In short, if there is something you need done in your church, there’s almost certainly software that will do it for you!

Iphone Downloads

If you own an Apple Iphone, you may have noticed that one of the most fun uses of it is for downloads. The Iphone is pretty amazing, surely the most advanced cellphone/MP3 player yet seen, and the fact that it has internet connectivity built in only adds to its allure. Not only that, but you can also use it to watch movies and video clips, all stored on its huge onboard memory. Pretty clever stuff.

In order to take full advantage of the Iphone downloads that are available, there are several things you will need to make sure you have. If you haven’t got all this stuff, it doesn’t matter too much as it’s soon expected to be able to download music etc direct to the Iphone itself, but as of time of writing, you will still need a computer to do this. The spec of the computer is not too important as long as it isn’t ancient, although a large hard drive can be useful if you are planning on downloading lots of large files. The only other thing you will need is pretty obvious, and that is an internet connection for the computer, the faster the better. It’s pretty hard downloading anything without being connected to the net!

You can download things for your Iphone from all different places, literally hundreds and thousands of different sites on the net. This is where the danger lies however, as not all of these sources are 100% trustworthy and reliable. Many people obtain their downloads from P2P/ torrent sites also known as file sharing sites, and though they can seem very useful, sites like this can actually cause lots of trouble. One of the main problems with using sites like this is the law it’s illegal to download anything from them, so you really could end up in jail or with a large fine. The other big problem is that sites like this have no governing of what is uploaded, and this makes it easy pickers for hackers etc to upload viruses and things, for you, the innocent user, to download. It’s all too common for someone to download something only to find that it isn’t what was described and that they now have a virus or trojan horse etc.

On the more positive side, there is finally a good alternative to sites like this. There is now the opportunity to pay a one off membership fee to certain sites, and then get access to their database of downloads. This will mostly include MP3s, movies, games etc, and all kinds of other bits and pieces. Also in many cases, your membership fee will cover you for life, so for less than $50 or so you can enjoy these free downloads indefinitely.

Hopefully this article has helped you learn that with the speeds of modern internet connections, it’s never been easier to get access to unlimited Iphone downloads.